BTS member Jin injured his index finger during daily activities. Jin will be wearing an incision after an emergency procedure 2022

BTS member Jin injured his index finger during daily activities

BTS member Jin injured his index finger during daily activities

The BTS’s agency BTS posted an update about Jin’s emergency operation on the index finger of his left hand. The agency assured the fans that Jin is doing fine. Jin will require the cast for several days to ensure a quick recovery from the injury.


  • Jin has injured the index of his finger on the left side while doing ‘daily tasks and has since had surgery on it.
  • A cast has to be used by Jin for a speedy healing from this injury to his finger.
  • In the coming month, BTS will perform live in Las Vegas and at the 2022 Grammys

BTS member Jin was recently treated for emergency surgery following a traumatic injury to the index finger on his left hand during daily activities. The BTS agency that manages the popular K-pop group posted an update on Jin’s condition with fans via social media. They announced that Jin was treated on the 18th of March and is expected to wear an incision for a while in order to speed up recovery.

Big Hit’s statement reads “Jin injured his index finger in the left hand during daily activities. He went to the emergency room of an adjacent hospital for an exam and treatment on March 18. Doctors examined him and he was informed that he needed surgery since the tendons on the finger had been damaged. The surgery was performed to repair the extensor of his index finger left on Friday afternoon March 18.”

The report further stated “The procedure went smoothly as per the doctors. He was discharged from the hospital in the early morning of the 19th of March and is now taking a break. He’ll wear a casting to help with stabilization and for a quick recovery. Jin will concentrate upon rest, treatment, and rehabilitation in order to fully recover from his injury and return to excellent health.”

The group recently performed live on stage at Seoul Olympic Stadium following the gap of two years due to the new coronavirus pandemic. It was an element of the Permission To Dance – Seoul concert. After two live concerts online during the last two years and an in-ground tour in Los Angeles last December, fans, known as BTS Army, were delighted to witness them live. The concert was also streamed live to international viewers on Weverse. BTS sang 21 hits during the more than two hours-long concerts.

BTS is excited to meet their fans at Las Vegas next month after their Seoul performances before a live audience as well as their appearance during the 2022 Grammy Awards. They’re nominated in the top pop duo/group performance category Butter during the Grammys.

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