can you play copyrighted music on twitch? 2022

Can you play Copyrighted Music on Twitch

Can you play Copyrighted Music on Twitch

DCMA strikes are no joke you get enough of them they can take away and shut down your channel we don’t want that you worked hard on it.

which is why it’s more important than ever that I bring out this article to give you some awesome options that allow you to Livestream music while you’re doing your gameplay just chatting any general content creation that you’re doing online.

where you won’t have to worry about copyright or strikes or any repercussions sounds too good to be true it’s not I’m going to use some great options right after this. here to let you know that the new twitch layout is rolling out right now and probably already being displayed on your channel.

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you start with an obvious and easy one is using copyright-free music from Spotify Pandora or any Apple marketplace.

All you have to do is go to the search bar and type in copyright-free music. You will see a bunch of different playlists or songs from different artists. there that allows you to use music for free during your live broadcasts.

Now the nice thing about Apple, Pandora, Spotify is it’s easy to use, and it’s free if you do have the paid versions do get a few more options, and you get more music.

But this doesn’t need to be a great place to start however the bad thing about it is the fact that there’s not a lot of options yet for copyright-free music you’re limited to a certain amount of songs the good news is on the flip side of it is there’s more and more being added.

You’ll probably see more get added as DMCA strikes become more prevalent. now there’s one thing that you need to know if you plan on using Apple Pandora or Spotify that never really gets talked about even though a lot of the songs in the playlist that you’re going to be looking at our copyright free music websites.

still, like YouTube and Twitch may flag them because they’re not whitelisted directly with their library and how it kind of scrubs through songs.

so please be aware that you still might get something that might be a flag or a strike they’re generally easier to take care of because you can link back to their source that shows that it’s copyright-free music.

But you will still see this sometimes happen which is kind of the downer of these particular platforms the cool thing about these platforms is the fact that a lot of twitch artists have taken advantage and put their music on these platforms.

that you can use for free which is super dope you have people like Harris Heller that put his stream beats playlist on there Raquel. who’s put her playlists on there heck even my friend if MeadowFox has started to put her music on there all these people you can use their playlist in your broadcast for free.

Audio Library Plus

so do me a favor and help support your twitch music artist out there next we have up a twofer from YouTube you have no copyright sounds an audio library plus both of these are awesome channels that you can use.

No copyright sounds

because they have copyright-free music that is safe for you to broadcast no copyright sounds is a copyright-free in-stream save record label that provides free music.

that you can share it with your community no copyright sounds awesome they have a ton and a ton and a ton of tracks, and they’re all perfect.

however, it focuses on a particular niche it’s more centered around the Genre of electronic music where it’s got more house dubstep trap drum and bass and more or less a video game electric pop.

but if that’s your style, this is an awesome place for your audio library plus is just like not copyright sounds where it provides you. the content creator with safe music that you can use on your content creation in streams, and it doesn’t have any Content ID problems.

so you’re good to go for any time you want to use these particular songs audio library plus has a smaller catalog. however third genre selection is way bigger compared to no copyright sounds. so if you don’t like copyright sounds or style you can always look at audio library Plus.

now if you plan on using no copyright sounds or audio library plus they do have a rule if you use any other songs you have to have a link that comes back to the channel so that way it helps support the artist.

so I recommend making a timer or command within your channel that supports that there we took care of that nice and easy if you plan on using any of their songs or content for any particular content outside of streaming perhaps.

you know, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube videos do have a few new other rules that you need to do all of them are very simple, but they have a policy page.

Monster cat gold

I’m going to link it down below in case you want to use any of their songs that way you’re in the clear for it next we have a monster cat gold is a subscription-based service for $5 a month.

where it grants you access to use music claim free on your streams, you can download songs craft your playlists for your stream, and you even get early access to new songs that are coming out the monster cat was more or less an electronic side of music.

but it broadens its Genre over the past couple of years, so this could be an awesome option for you plus if you stream with streamlabs OBS. they have an app plugin that you can use to make even streaming more seamless for you if you’re interested in using monster cat gold.

I want to give you some awesome options. Next, we have up the Epidemic sound and Sound stripe; these have been the go-to for YouTube content creators for a long time to come; these are the top and most professional websites for using music.

that you will find in your content, create, however, the bad thing about using these two platforms is at the moment they are paid services, but they are fantastic they are probably the best platforms.

I have found for using anything in YouTube content creations they’re awesome for all things like that now the bad part is most of these websites right here are designed for YouTube content creators.

however, there is a huge paradigm shift that they’ve recognized where they’ve started to transition their website into being a streaming music website as well, and you see that be stronger on these websites day after day.

where they’re allowing you to make playlists and stream live music that is copyright-free to your broadcasts this is a great option if you plan on taking your stream to the next level.

because these are all professionally made and crafted songs on another good thing about these particular websites.

is the variety that you have I almost missed this one there is a huge variety of different genres and artists out there, so you’re guaranteed to find something that’s going to work for you.

pretzel and Jingle Punks

and your flow perhaps my two favorite options that you’re going to like out there is using pretzel and also Jingle Punks both are apps that you can install through things like stream labs OBS that makes streaming music to your channel.

seamless flawless and super easy not only are these apps streaming safe music to your channel the catalogs are growing every time so there’s always going to be something out there that you can find or discover and it’s not going to be stale.

same old in-and-out playlist that you’re going to have from the day in and day out on your stream which is cool because this industry is growing the nice thing about pretzel rocks and Jingle Punks is the fact that they make it so easy to install and start streaming music to your channel within just a few moments.

now the catalogs are more or less a little bit small, but the good news is these industries are growing their catalogs all the time pretzel is great.

it’s got a lot of twitch integration where you can do a lot of things with and letting people know what songs coming up or being played Jingle Punks also offers a lot of playlist customization.

and where you can search things that might go off a genre or feel I also forgot to mention who’s like just out of this right now if you don’t like to stream on stream Labs OBS. and you prefer to use OBS the cool thing about pretzel rocks is there’s a widget plugin that you can put in your twitch channel it’s only available for Twitch.

but if you go to the extension side of your settings, you can then search for pretzel rock and download and install and boom there you go the only big negative that I can find at the moment for pretzel rocks is the catalog is pretty small.

but like I said it’s growing so give it the time it could be huge the bad thing about Jingle Punks is their catalog is ginormous. however, there are more of actual jingle platforms so a lot of their songs may be 30 seconds 45 seconds on minute 30 seconds they’re short.

but on the flip side, they’re professionally handcrafted because they’re used for things like movies, television, and commercials. I wanted to give everybody out there, but I took away after I looked at the footage, but I want to kind of put it back in or I’m just going to redo it right now.

because one of the obvious options is the fact that Twitch has a library of songs that are free and clear for you to use; however, when I started researching after I filmed.

I can’t find any information about it when you go to their website, and they say here’s the pre-cleared library of thousand-plus songs it’s nothing it just takes you on how to search streaming music on Twitch.

which doesn’t help a lot of streamers, so the only thing I could think of is maybe the free cleared list has now transformed into what is now the Twitch sings list.

but I can’t confirm that, but my suspicion is maybe yes so here’s what I think is perhaps we can all do a little bit okay crowdsourcing to figure out the answer.

I know there’s a twitch library of clear songs because I’ve seen it before and there was a list, but I can’t find it anymore if you do me a favor leave me a comment down below that links to it so I would love to find out more about it.

because there are a lot of artists that have submitted their songs to be whitelisted on Twitch that we can use free and clear one of my favorite bands the midnight has already approved to use their songs on Twitch.

which is super awesome because I love their songs thank you but now back to the regular video look there’s something that you all need to know if you plan on being lifelong streamers out there copyright strikes are here to stay.

you’re going to find them coming more and more, and more often I always keep saying it twitch mixer all these live streaming platforms will eventually be as scrutinized as YouTube.

because they have to fall under the law because they’re getting bigger and bigger, which is why you need to be safe as you continue to live sheer out there.

I don’t want you losing your channel over something where you could have easily made a change so start looking at these options and if you do pick any one of these options do me a favor leave me a comment down below.

let me know which one you like the most out of so that way it gives me a little bit of feedback or if you have an alternative option out there that I missed okay I would love to know I like learning from you as well well does it for me.

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