Devin Haney blows past George Kambosos for undisputed lightweight title

Devin Haney claims undisputed lightweight title with unanimous decision win over George Kambosos Jr.

It was easy to work Saturday for Devin Haney, Australia’s new undisputed lightweight champion, as Floyd Mayweather often said about his fights.

Haney used a blistering jab, his boxing intelligence, and enormous advantages in speed, speed, and quickness to defeat George Kambosos in their fight for the undisputed lightweight title.

Haney won by scores 116-112 twice, and 118-110 once. This was a comfortable win. Yahoo Sports had Haney 117-111.

Devin Haney

Bill Haney is Haney’s father and he arrived in Australia hours before the fight. The 23-year-old champion managed to do it with class and grace, while admitting that having his father there made a big difference.

Haney stated, “This is a dream come true.” “I went through this without my Dad. It was a very important moment for us both. We both said that we wanted to be the best when we first started. Without him, it would have been difficult for me to do this.”

Bill Haney was convicted of federal drug offenses more than 30 years back and couldn’t get visa approval until hours before the fight. On the morning of the fight, he arrived in dramatic fashion and watched his son perform a boxing demonstration.

Haney was known for repeatedly putting his jab in Kambosos’ face. He moved easily out of danger whenever Kambosos would load-up and attempt to score a big shot. He dropped Lopez in the first round to help Kambosos defeat Teofimo Lopez last year.

Haney was unable to touch him for the majority of the fight. Haney would sometimes drop his right hand behind his jab but, for the most part won the title by jabbing Kambosos, using his legs, and his movement to get out of trouble.

Even though Kambosos claimed that Haney had landed some great shots, Haney never got into trouble. Kambosos was redden by Haney’s early actions and, if he had a will to push the gas and try it, he might have been able get Kambosos free.

Haney stated, “As the fight went on, I felt that he was giving up more.” “I wasn’t going to press it. “I just wanted to keep to my game plan.”

He achieved it and was named No. He was the No. 1 man in an extremely talented and deep division.

He faces many big challenges, including secondary WBA champion Gervonta Davis. But Haney is legally obligated to give Kambosos another match in Melbourne.

Based on Saturday’s results, it is unlikely that the next bout will be any different.

The 23-year-old Las Vegas champion, who was pro at 17 after fighting in bars in Tijuana (Mexico), gave a spectacular and comprehensive performance.

You get the feeling that he is still at his best.

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