18 best free online movie streaming sites 2022

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2022

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2022

What’s more enjoyable than watching a fantastic film with popcorn and drinks right within your home? When these movies are accessible for free this adds to the enjoyment. Today, plenty of entertainment is accessible online such as old cinema to recent movies and popular TV shows. The problem is in finding the best free streaming sites for movies.

While there could be many options available, however, not all of them are reliable enough and secure. That’s why we’ve come up with these top 18 free online streaming sites for the movies list. This list is regularly updated to ensure that you don’t have trouble streaming your preferred media free.

While certain streaming services may not be as well-known as Netflix or Hulu however their collections are extensive – and even better they’re free. They are usually well-built and packed with unexpected surprises, similar to the search for a secondhand book.

Because they’re streaming devices, they’re as simple to access as other things online, though some might require additional equipment, such as a Roku and Amazon Fire TV stick. If you own the Fire TV Stick or Cube Click or tap to access 18 options that you may not be aware of when using your Amazon streaming device.

Here are the top 18 websites to watch movies for free. Remember to save your favorite movies so your evenings at home could be as exciting as going to the cinema. Be aware that, as with every streaming service, the content can change frequently.

A list of the best free streaming sites

  1. SolarMovie
  2. Plex
  3. 123Movies
  4. YouTube
  5. Vudu
  6. Pluto TV
  7. MovieStars
  8. Kanopy
  9. Vumoo
  10. Peacock TV
  11. Moviejoy
  12. FMovies
  13. Flixtor
  14. StreamLord
  15. YesMovies
  16. IMDb
  17. PopcornFlix
  18. VexMovies


SolarMovie streamingever

While SolarMovie is a newcomer to the market, however, it is rapidly gaining recognition for being one of the top websites to stream full-length movies online free of charge free. The free streaming website for movies offers plenty of high-quality streaming links. In addition, at SolarMovie users can sign in to receive updates on the latest movies and more.

Additionally, movies are categorized into categories and are screened by countries. Users can easily sort out the films they would like to see based on area.

All this provides users with the ability to customize their movie experience. In simple terms, SolarMovie is one movie website you shouldn’t leave out!

One reason why I have included SolarMovie on this list of the top free streaming websites is that it only offers HD films.

Similar to other sites there are films made using camcorders, however, you won’t see them on this site.

The search filters allow you to locate films based on their genres or countries. The site provides an amazing quantity of information on the films it plays.

If you are unable to find the movie you’re looking for on this website You can make a request for it.


Plex is an intriguing service due to the fact that it’s more than it seems initially. Apart from free full-length films and TV shows as well as live TV, podcasts, and software that can be used as a home multimedia server.

There are currently more than 20.000 free films and shows available. They’re separated into classic genres such as action and crime however, you can also search by actor or channel such as BBC, Crackle, Popsy, Lionsgate, and Maverick Black Cinema. Plex offers its own distinct categories too, like Holiday TherapyOl’ Saint NicCrime Time, and Cheap thrills.

On a movie’s watch pages are the same titles as well as other details that build the complete image of the movie, such as the full cast list, reviews, and trailers.

Here are some of the most-watched free films you can stream through Plex: Get Over It!, Don’t Look Back, The Switch, and The Tournament.


At the top of my list of 2022’s top free streaming websites for movies is 123Movies.

You can view free films online. The website offers classic and contemporary titles across all genres. If you’re looking for the most popular films or TV programs online Look no further. You’ll discover the most popular content from across the world here.

Another advantage of 123Movies is the fact that there are no annoying pop-ups or intrusive advertisements.

The site has made it easy for viewers to stream free films of their choice by using search filters that are user-friendly. Additionally, you can watch IMDb’s top-rated and most-watched films.


You are probably aware it is true that YouTube is one of the largest and most well-known streaming video sites. Do you also aware that it provides hundreds of free movies that span a wide variety of genres? Now you do.

With YouTube users, you are able to sign in with your Google account. However, when you watch free films on the site there is no need to sign-up.

It attracts a large number of users per month and is a small number of advertisements. However, we chose to award it a rating of 5 due to the fact that our test subjects recently began to observe increasing ads on YouTube.

In this article, we’d like to tell you a different aspect of YouTube the ability of creators/uploaders to show three ads within 10 minutes of video. This means that the network that you’re viewing the show or movie can show 40 or more ads in a film.

The best part is that the channels aren’t all so demanding (at most for now). Additionally, the platform allows the user to turn off an advertisement after five seconds (as you’ve probably heard) This is an awesome option.


Vudu, a video-on-demand (VOD) service can be described as an online streaming platform that lets you stream the option of both free television shows and movies. Their free version is known as “Movies on Us,” but the benefit is that it doesn’t have aggressive advertisements.

In addition, it offers an unlimited number of movies and TV shows and doesn’t require an account to use it. Furthermore, the platform requires the payment of a monthly fee. it’s up to you to choose whether to upgrade to a premium plan or to continue with your free one.

Vudu offers an app available for Android and iOS along with Microsoft Windows PC.

The only issue is that it’s not available to those outside of the United States. However, just like Peacock TV, you can access Vudu outside of the US by changing your IP address via the use of a VPN.

Pluto TV

More well-known for its live-TV services, Pluto TV holds thousands of free on-demand films in a variety of genres.

Customers can view free films on Pluto TV via any internet browser, or download the app on any device that streams content, including Firestick, Roku, iOS, Android, and more.

Read our guide for more details on Pluto TV and how to install the app on a variety of devices.


Moviestars is a brand new streaming site that is on this list, with a fantastic collection of content Movies.

One of the greatest things we discovered while trying Moviestars included the less ad frequency when scrolling and watching videos.

While this site isn’t as popular with users as other sites Expect Moviestars to increase its popularity in the coming months!


On Kanopy users need an account with a supported library and it is one of the top free streaming sites that we have listed. It is also possible to access free video content after signing up with an email address associated with a university. After registering successfully you will be able to access a huge selection of films in a diverse spectrum of genres.

In this case, the choice of content is restricted. However, the best part about the streaming platform is that there aren’t any advertisements when playing the stream, making sure that you enjoy smooth and enjoyable streaming.

In addition to having advertising-free The site also has no limitations in the simultaneous stream. This means that you can stream your preferred content with a single account on any number of devices at the same time as you’d like.


Vumoo is an online streaming site that has a homepage packed with the latest TV shows and films. If you click on a film you want to watch the site will take you to a page with the built-in media player which allows the movie to play within your browser.

On Vumoo users can stream newly released films on the most popular OTT (Over-The-Top) services like HBO, Netflix, and others. We especially liked that there were Japanese, Chinese, Hollywood, and Korean films on it.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming platform, which was officially launched on the 15th of July, 2020. The streaming website offers free television shows, films, and live channels to pick from.

The huge library of content along with a smooth and smooth playback experience and a free plan are just a few of the reasons Peacock TV has already gained millions of customers since its launch.

Peacock TV is also available as an app that can be installed and includes a variety of the Top Free Movies on the internet currently.

See the Peacock instruction below for further information on steps to installing the application to any mobile device.


The MoviesJoy site for streaming movies showcases every feature that is appealing to avid streamers. Their simple search feature lets users find the most current TV and film shows in a short time. Users can also select the media they want from the diverse categories offered, including genre, country, and many more.

MoviesJoy’s links are available with high definition 1080 x 720 pixels with speedy streaming. On the other hand, users might be required to shut down some advertisements prior to the video starts playing.


FMovies is another popular choice for streaming websites. The site offers the most recent movies and TV shows in a variety of video qualities.

The site FMovies offers VOD content that is categorized according to release date the genre, anime, country, most-watched, and much more.

FMovies also has multiple mirror sites, but using one of its old URLs will direct you to its current website.

See the below guide for more details on FMovies, and how to stream on any device.


With Flixtor streaming, you can watch programs from TV online. We are awestruck by everything on Flixtor that it offers, from its user-friendly interface, seamless playback, no ad-annoyance, and search feature. The site claims to be a “fully automated video search engine,” which makes it even more appealing. The statement isn’t to be a marketing tool and recommend checking it out.

The site is accessible without the need for a security tool such as a VPN (in the majority of countries). We recommend however the use of a reliable Flixtor VPN to ensure that all your free streaming is private and secure.


StreamLord is a simple-to-use quick, efficient, and speedy streaming site. The free-of-cost portal provides free registration to anyone who wants it. It is, however, not required because users can watch movies online without registering.

If you’re using Amazon’s built-in Silk Browser, click on the “Stay Here” button when you see ads and this will ensure that those irritating ads do not pop up repeatedly. Additionally, it permits people to download films as well as download subtitles which makes it the perfect choice for all video fans.

The best thing we could find on the site is that it concentrates on popular movies with high-quality content and only trustworthy streaming sources. This ensures that you don’t experience shaky videos or broken hyperlinks at all.


A sleek interface creates Yes! Movies are a popular choice among streaming users from all over the world. You can make use of the easy search tool when you know precisely what you’d like to watch or go to the TV and Movies Shows category to the right of the screen for simple navigation.

Another fantastic feature Yes! Movies have is a News Tab that has tons of Movies and TV Show current events to keep you updated.

The process of watching a film can be somewhat difficult since it is possible to have to hit the play button or Stay here several times, but the links are generally presented in High Definition for an awesome streaming experience.

See the following guide for more details on YesMovies as well as how you can stream it on any device.


IMDb TV is a streaming site run by and owned by Amazon that streams television shows, movies documentaries, as well as IMDb original series.

You must sign up for an account before you can use IMDb TV, and like Tubi, the free service is also ad-supported.

Read our guide to learn more about IMDb TV and how to install the app.


PopcornFlix Another rapidly expanding free online television and movie streaming service popped to the forefront in late 2017. The site has over 1500 films in various categories like comedy, action, horror, foreign films, documentaries, etc.

Additionally, users are not required to register an account prior to using PopcornFlix. Therefore, simply visit the site, pick the film you like and start streaming!

Additionally, the site has an app that can be used with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox, Android, and iOS devices.


By pressing one button, you can play Hollywood films online with the click of a button on VexMovies. Although the website appears to be somewhat late in uploading the most recent movies you can choose the film you want to watch that is based on the genre you love.

In addition, it comes with an extremely small box that provides the summary of the film along with the IMBD ratings. Thus, users can decide which film to watch instead of leaving everything to the chance.

It appears the website will do its best to provide the quality of information users need without running into trouble. For instance, it lets you request a movie through the Contact tab and also generates a DMCA notice.

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