Tulsa shooting: All we know about the gunman at the hospital 2022

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Tulsa shooting: Gunman kills 4 people at Tulsa hospital complex

Tulsa shooting
Tulsa shooting

After a string of horrendous shootings in Texas and Buffalo, which resulted in a tragic loss of life, a mass shooting occurred on a hospital campus in Tulsa.

On Wednesday, five people, including the shooter, were found dead at Tulsa’s medical facility.

Captain Richard Meulenberg, Tulsa’s Police Department, described it as a “catastrophic scenario” and said they found multiple victims upon arriving at the Natalie Medical Building. This building is part of the sprawling campus of Saint Francis Hospital in southeast Tulsa.

What we know about the shooter

Because of ongoing investigations at the scene, the Tulsa Police Department has not released any information about the shooter or the names of those who were shot.Eric Dalgleish, deputy chief of police, stated that the shooter was Black and between 35- 40 years old.

He was fatally shot and died of what is believed to be self-inflicted. He stated that the suspect shooter had “one long gun and one pistol on the scene at any given time.” According to Mr. Dalgleish, the department was notified about the shooting at 4.52 pm. They arrived on the scene in three minutes. He stated that they reached out to the gunman at 5.01 pm.

He said that officers who arrived did hear shots inside the building, which directed them to the second level.The shooting took place on the second floor of the Natalie Medical Building.

Officers reached the second floor and found the victim, then the gunman’s body. It appeared that he had committed suicide. According to Mr Dalgleish, the victims could have been workers or patients at the hospital. He said that none of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries and that no officers were hurt in the attack.

“It wasn’t random,” stated Mr. Meulenberg. “This was not an individual who decided to find a hospital with random people. The police captain claimed that the gunman deliberately chose to arrive here and that his actions were intentional. However, he declined to give more details about the motive.

GY Bynum, the mayor of Tulsa, reacted to the shooting and described the hospital campus in Tulsa as a “sacred place” for his community.

He said, “For decades this campus has been where heroes have come to work every single day to save lives in our community.”

“Right now, my thoughts are with victims. We can have a policy conversation in the future if we wish, but it is not happening tonight.

After the shooting at Natalie Building, the St Francis hospital shut down its campus Wednesday. The Natalie building houses an outpatient surgical centre and a breast cancer centre.
Philip Tankersley (27) was visiting the St Francis hospital and said that staff had told him that there was an active shooter in the building directly across the street. They locked the doors and warned everyone to avoid the windows.

He said, “I wasn’t particularly concerned because the two people I need to watch out for were in the same room as me.” It was undoubtedly a “this is happening here” moment.

Possible threat of a bomb

According to Muskogee police, there was an active bomb threat in Muskogee, and this threat is connected to the mass shooting at that building.

Police evacuated a house and asked residents to remain inside their homes. The gunman might have planted a bomb at Muskogee, 50 miles southeast of Tulsa.

Lynn Hamlin, the spokesperson for Muskogee’s police department, said, “We are on the scene at 3325 Park Place North regarding a possible bomb inside.”

“At this point we have evacuated and notified all in the area to remain inside their homes.”
Later, authorities cleared the bomb threat as “related to the shooting.”

The shooting took place at the town’s sacred ground.

St. Francis Health System, the hospital’s operator, stated that some offices would be closed for the rest of the week.

Melissa Provenzano (an Oklahoma state representative whose district includes this hospital) told CNN that she was present on the campus at the time of the shooting. She called it “the heart of our community.”
She said, “This is just one of the most prominent locations in our community,” and thanked the hospital staff for saving her father’s life after he contracted Covid-19.

G.T., the Mayor of Tulsa, said that “This campus is sacred ground” Bynum also expressed profound gratitude to the first responders for their “unflinching response” to the act of violence.

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