how to use Netflix effectively? Best Netflix tricks for 2020

how to use Netflix effectively

How to use Netflix effectively.

How to use Netflix effectively. I’m going to talk about AMAZING NETFLIX HACKS that you can start using right now, and it will make your streaming life at least 7.73 times easier Orange might or might not be the new black, but definitely, Netflix is the latest entertainment. Streamers from all over the globe, use Netflix to access their favourite TV series and movies.

Although Netflix provides us with so many things, There are a lot more features that you are not using to the full extent. Whenever we are browsing through our Netflix, We can only see the title of the show.

There are no IMDb ratings Or Rotten Tomatoes or whatever that can give us a hint of what we should expect in the show.

However, with this particular add-in, you may do this! When you set up this Netflix Add-on your own Netflix will take on a brand new avatar on your browser Against each name that looks on Netflix; you’re going to have the ability to view IMDB ratings, testimonials, and also a link to the preview by merely hovering your mouse over the name.

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This extra functionality can allow you to make the ideal decision each time that you wish to see a new show or a picture. Imagine if you’re streaming Netflix in your telephone, as nearly all people do.

What would you do then? Well, then you can’t get the Rotten Tomatoes or the trailer link directly, But there is undoubtedly one app called “Flutter” app through which you can get IMDb ratings on the go.

So, whenever you open any TV series or a program on your Netflix application, It will directly just give you the IMDb ratings of it and you can easily judge and decide what’s best for you. And what’s not.

I prefer movies and series which are above 8 IMDb rating So that I know;  

Can I watch Netflix on rabbit?

Rabbit! Well, do you remember when you watched your film for the first time in the cinema with your friends? It was a good time, right? Well, you can do the same thing on Netflix also, again. With this extension called Rabbit, it is possible for you to synchronize the viewing session with any of your friends and you can watch your favorite show together.

So, just download and install this chrome extension. It will barely take you two seconds to do it, and you’re good to go. A great thing about this extension is its chat feature also, which allows you to communicate with your friends while you all binge-watch together.

So, If you’re in a long-distance relationship and waiting to finish that season of House of Cards with your GF/BF Then it is now possible as it is an excellent alternative to chatting, Skype or face-time or all of them. Netflix has a delicious search menu.

It allows you to search for the title and displays the exact match of the championship And, also some other relevant options in the search results. This is good, but in case if you want to search with some extra additional filters, then you can’t do it directly.

E.g., if you have a dark sense of humour and love watching dark comedies, then you would directly have to search for the name of the movie. You can’t list out the entire category of Dark Comedy movies and then choose from it. It’s not possible, right? OR Is it? Well, it is possible!! With these genre codes, you can search for the same category that you love.

So, using genre codes will save up a lot of your time And find your exact precise content that is relevant to your taste. All you have to do is, just type in the following URL in your browser and replace the X with whatever is the code of your favourite genre And, as soon as you press enter, you will immediately see all the results about them.

Some of my favourite sub-genres are dark comedies and cult horror movies. So, I’ll directly copy the code of the dark comedy genre and paste it in my browser. And, as we can see, it displays all the movies that are related to dark comedies! And here’s a list of all the sub-genre codes that you can directly open.

I’ll add them in the Description as well, so you can pick it out from there too! Do you ever wish Netflix had a “random” button? So that you wouldn’t have to waste the prime of your life just skimming over 4,000+ titles only to settle for rewatching Parks and Recreation for the hundredth time.

If you are feeling lucky, or you only wish to see a more conventional TV experience, there’s a means to select a movie or TV series to see randomly. Netflix Roulette is a standalone site which lets you randomly watch a film or a TV display.

Those not searching for something random may tighten up their choices by merely watching movies with a specific score window or even a genre. you could take a look from around. And may the chances be ever on your favour.

But, these names aren’t available to each area. The TV shows and films that you’re receiving access to is half of what Netflix has in its libraries.

For example, if you open the US version of Netflix, it will ultimately have a different set of movies and TV shows that are accessible to you right now! So, the best suggestion that anyone can give you for it is to subscribe to a perfect streaming VPN That can provide you with the ultimate viewing experience.

Which VPN works with Netflix?

So, there are a lot of VPNs available in the market bout our top pics would be ExpressVPN and NordVPN. So, basically what a VPN does is that it spoofs your IP address so that it is visible to the internet as if you are from some different location. You can decide on which site you want to be displayed.

So, all you have to do is choose your location in the US And once you login into your Netflix, the Netflix that would be displayed to you would be of the US version.

Instead of wasting your time toggling through the various titles on your dashboard, You can consider rating all the movies and TV shows that you like.

Because once you start doing that, Netflix’s algorithms will narrow down the suggestions for you. It will be based on whatever your likes and your interests are.

So, if you like a particular movie or a TV show, you can press the thumbs up button, And the next time you use Netflix, it will show you suggestions based on that.

Else it won’t work. XP Conversely, if you actually don’t like a particular type of shows or TV series But it still keeps popping up in your suggestions Then you can even press the thumbs down button also And Netflix will make sure that it doesn’t show the similar type of offers to you in the future.

So, consistently rating would fine-tune your Netflix to a great extent, And it will make sure that your viewing experience is to the best. So this is another tip for all the suggestions that we spoke about.

Netflix Hacks and Tricks

How many times has it happened to you that you give your phone to some kid to watch their favourite cartoon or TV show And all the suggestions you get are based on those shows only.

 Facepalm Well, it is straightforward to do, you can just directly delete the record of it. All you have to do is, just go to the My Activity menu to see everything you have watched in chronological order. , then press the button on the right side of a particular title to delete it from your viewing history. That’s it! Now you won’t be getting suggestions based on that anymore.

While there are no shortcuts to success, it comes handy while using Netflix. There are a couple of hotkeys that you should know about, and I’m sure that you do. But, here are some of the hotkeys that you can use to save up some clicks. That’s all for today! These were the best Netflix Hacks and Tricks that you can use in 2020 to up your streaming game. Let me know in the comments, which one was your favourite hack. And in case.

These days, it seems like everyone has Netflix. But is everyone fully utilizing the service? Are they getting their money’s worth, devouring the films and shows they like most efficiently? Here are some Netflix tricks, hacks, and add-on to enhance the streaming experience.

While a lot of people watch Netflix on a smartTV, countless more binge-watch shows and movies the old-fashioned way: on a laptop or desktop computer.

Netflix’s instant viewing service was available on computers long before smart TVs came along, and there are some essential functions of watching that way that is still embedded in the Netflix API.

Like most any other computer program, Netflix’s streaming code responds to “hotkeys,” or “keyboard shortcuts,” meaning certain functions are performed by pressing specific keys – no use of the mouse with its pointing, clicking, and locating menus necessary.

They’re also intuitive, meaning the keys do exactly what you expect. Hitting the space bar pauses, and then resumes, a video; striking “F” allows Netflix to take up the device’s entire screen; “escape” shrinks the video back down; and tapping the left and right arrows will rewind and fast-forward, respectively, by ten seconds. Audio can also be toggled, too: the “M” mutes, while the up and down arrows adjust the volume accordingly.

Even a casual scroll through Netflix will reveal a few examples of the service’s intricate categorization system. Thanks to complicated algorithms that factor in an individual’s viewing history, it will recommend exactly the kinds of content it thinks a user will want to watch, such as “Thrillers Featuring a Strong Female Lead” or “Goofy Showbiz Movies.”

Netflix has thousands of this classifications, and they’ve all got an assigned code number for the sake of clean data storage. These codes are directly accessible when using Netflix on a web browser.

Simply type “ browse/ genre/” into your browser’s navigation bar, and after that last slash, type in a three-, four- or five-digit number at random and see what you get.

Or try out a few. The categorizations can be broken down into broad genres; for example, documentaries can be found at 6839, horror at 8711.

The categorizations can also be incredibly specific: sports movies, but only ones about martial arts, boxing, and wrestling are at6695.

Download shows on Netflix

There are plenty of circumstances in which streaming things on Netflix isn’t advisable or attractive. If only a person could download a show or movie to their device, and then watch it whenever they wanted, with no internet connection required. Fortunately, this is a very convenient feature that Netflix quietly added to its streaming plans way back in 2016.

If the content producer has opted in on downloadability, there’s a button right below the movie or episode’s description. Simply click it, wait a few minutes, and it’s ready to go.

Watching a movie before Netflix was something of an ordeal. Every night, millions would descend on their local Blockbuster or another retail rental chain and make a beeline for the new releases wall only to find that they were all gone.

Netflix eliminated this disappointment once and for all by streaming a wide catalogue of movies and TV shows, adding more every few days. The only problem with this is that Netflix doesn’t delineate what’s new.

They’ve got a “trending” section, but otherwise, it’s going to take a third-party client to figure out what is actually, truly new on Netflix. That’s the whole point of Flexible. It’s a recommendation app that sorts through Netflix and can be customized according to genre, user ratings, language, release year, and most attractively, the date it was added to the streaming service.

Its default setting lists the newest additions at the top, and it works backwards as you scroll down the page. Allow Flexible to access your Netflix account, and you can play movies from the service with a couple of clicks.

With an interconnected world that loves to binge entire series as soon as they hit Netflix, it’s hard to keep spoilers at bay for someone who wants to stretch out the viewing of a series. Avoiding leaks of plot twists or shocking character developments is tough, but not impossible.

But sometimes Netflix will go and spoil everything anyway. It’s not like the service means to, but those brief plot descriptions displayed for every episode that pops up on the screen when a series is selected can reveal a lot of details.

Enter Super Netflix, and an add-on Chrome extension that makes for a truly spoiler-free experience. It blurs plot descriptions of individual episodes while also obscuring the thumbnail images accompanying those synopses.

Like virtually every other digital media platform, Netflix offers users a feature whereby they can make a list of movies and TV series they can bookmark for future viewing.

“My List” is necessary for Netflix since it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. That’s why, by clicking a few buttons, Netflix users can populate their “List.”

The only problem is that the feature has one major flaw in that it can’t be rearranged. Unlike the old, toggle-able Netflix DVD-by-mail queue, titles are listed by the order in which they’re added.

However, buried deep in Netflix’s user settings is a way to rearrange the “My List” list manually. It looks just like that Netflix DVD queue, except that it’s got all those things you can watch right now… or later, as the case may be. From one’s account page, look for “Order inMy Lists,” and then toggle “Manual Ordering.”

Watching a movie on the couch with another person is a true American pastime, dating back to the ’80s with the explosion of the VCR.

Spending the evening watching a movie or a few episodes of a show is pretty much the same now, only the content is delivered via high-speed internet, and because of that technological breakthrough, you no longer have to be in the same room with somebody to watch a movie together.

Thanks to a PC and Apple application calledKast, friends at different colleges, a parent and kid separated by a business trip, or people urged to stay home during a pandemic can share entertainment.

“Watching tv with only one person just is n’t natural.” One part video chat service, one part screen-sharing software, Kast has an easily navigable interface that allows both small groups or collectives of more than 100 people to all gather around their monitors, and watch the same video as if you were all sitting on the same couch. And, of course, everyone can text-chat about the video in real-time.

The score, dialogue, and sound effects are all crucial elements of the cinematic experience, but film and TV are still visual media.

Nevertheless, the picture-perfect cinematography, breathtaking landscapes, and physical acting subtleties should still be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, even those who lack sight entirely or are otherwise impaired visually. Luckily,

Netflix offers a free service

Netflix offers a free service called”Audio Descriptions.” According to the streaming service, it’s an”optional narration that describes what is happening on-screen.” The dulcet tones of a neutral narrator dutifully describe everything that’s happening on the screen, such as physical movements, costumes, settings, and scene transitions.

“The brunette lifeguard smiles flirtatiously as she walks past Billy, who pays no mind to her or any of the ogling females in his wake.” Isn’t that fun? Audio Description is currently most available on Netflix’s deep canon of original productions and is sometimes available on movies and TVshows produced out-of-house.

It’s a great way to make movies more accessible to those who can’t see every detail and allows those with full vision to enjoy a favorite film or series in a whole new way.

Netflix got its start in the United States, and as English is the most commonly spoken tongue there, most of the service’s content is in that language.

That includes blockbusters, indie movies, licensed TV shows, and original productions. That said, Netflix also offers an increasingly abundant array of movies and TV shows from around the world, produced in the languages of their countries of origin.

Whether it’s an artsy French film or a reality show from Japan, Netflix offers subtitles for its viewers who speak and read-only English.

They’ll appear in a standard, bland font in an easy-to-read color. However, those might not work for everybody, and since Netflix is all about near-infinite choice, users can personally modify their subtitles.

Simply go to settings, then general, then accessibility, and enable the “Closed Captions + SDH.” After selecting “style,” viewers can change up the words’ font, color, and size. Netflix is a marvel of modern engineering and a wish come true: plenty of recorded entertainment at one’s fingertips, just a click away, and all for a monthly fee of less than the cost of a pizza.

And yet, there is still fault to be found with the service. There are certain mechanics of watching Netflix, features that take one out of the immersive viewing experience, that is just plain annoying. Some people don’t like how, if they stop scrolling to read a synopsis, a blaring preview of that selection automatically plays.

Not everyone binge-watching a show wants to see the title sequence plays every darn time. And let’s not forget how the service periodically asks, “Are you still watching?” The developers of a Chrome extension called never Ending Netflix put a critical eye on the streamer to offer up a workaround of all those annoyances.

With a series of checkboxes to toggle, Never Ending Netflix can allow users always to skip a title sequence, autoplay the next episode, turn off credits, kill auto-play previews, and eliminate the “still watching?” prompt, among other opt-in selections.

Even the most wonderful new technologies can have a downside. As Netflix’s movie-and-TV streaming platform spread around a delighted world in the 2010s, it brought with it a brand-new social phenomenon called “Netflix cheating.” Let’s say a couple discovers a marvelous TV-series on Netflix.

Every episode ends in a cliffhanger, necessitating the need to watch far too many in one evening because it’s just so gripping. At some point, bedtime arrives, and the couple has to turn off the TV… but that’s when cheating occurs.

While the husband sleeps, for example, his wife sneaks out of the bedroom and watches a few more episodes by herself, without waiting for her partner-in-television. “What do you want to watch?…

“How about Orange is the new black? wait, you probably want to watch that with Jeremy? It’s wonderful.” Netflix cheating does speak to a betrayal of trust, not unlike other things, spouses or partners could do when the other person isn’t looking. We’re not advocating doing this, of course, but there are ways to cover one’s tracks.

Not only could a Netflix user skip ahead a few episodes by using an alternate profile on the same Netflix account, but it’s also possible to line-edit the watch history, thereby destroying the evidence of show-cheating. It’s possible by heading to one’s “My Profile,” then clicking “Viewing Activity.”

Each recently watched item appears, and next to it, a large “X.” Once clicked, that show disappears. A person, tired and weary at the end of a long day of work spent making hundreds of decisions, may have a hard time making just one more.

There’s also the possibility of spouses, partners, or families, not agreeing to a Netflix option. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody else, like a well-meaning bot, just kind of knew what you’d like, and would put on that same movie or TV show for you” what was the first one you said?” Bloodline? Let’s watch that.”

That’s the idea behind Netflix Roulette, a wild recommendation engine. It allows users to enter in as little or as many criteria as they want, from what genre you want to watch to whether a TV show ora movie is preferred. It even factors in how critically beloved is – Netflix Roulette can take Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb scores of a certain critical benchmark into account.

After the program has gathered all the pertinent info, the user clicks a big green “Spin” button to uncover a hidden gem in the streaming service.

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