New apple tv 4k 2021 review| Is the new Apple TV 4K worth it?

New Apple TV 4K permits you to watch movies and shows in superb 4K HDR — and currently, it completes the image with immersive sound from Ray M. Dolby Atmos.l It streams your favorite channels live. Has nice content from apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN.2 And because of Siri, you’ll manage it all with simply your voice.

welcome friends today I’m going to walk you through the best new features of the second generation new apple tv 4k the one that was just introduced the best new features that you are going to care about and while it seemed like a pretty small update there’s actually quite a few
things changed from that last generation.

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so it’s definitely worth a second look if you’ve got an aging apple tv lying around so let’s go ahead and dive into this thing the first new feature to boast about on the updated new Apple TV 4K 2021 is the youtube is now available in 4k and 60 frames per second that are right.

About New apple tv 4k

4K HDR and Dolby Vision for better image quality
Watch real stories from the most creative minds on TV on Apple TV; One year is included when you buy a new Apple TV 4K
Play unprecedented new original games from the Apple Arcade
Dolby Atmos for deep and room-filling sound
Ask Siri to locate movies, shows, and games using the Siri remote
Netflix, HBO, Now, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and thousands of apps on the App Store
You can use AirPlay to watch pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad on your TV

2021 Apple TV HD (32GB, 5th Generation)

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What is the advantage of Apple TV 4K

So youtube not that long ago was updated to support 4k on apple tv had been a long holdout but it finally came to apple’s set-top box but it was still limited to 30 frames per second well no more thanks to a new update google has updated the youtube application to support 60 frames per second playback on the latest generation apple tv the next feature to go over is arc and e-arc support.

So arc or audio return channel is typically used with sound bars or other audio devices coming out of your television so your television will have an arc or er port usually one of the HDMI ports so you plug into that HDMI port and it’s going to send audio through that to your soundbar or a speaker system that you have connected.

So why do we care about this for apple tv well you can pair your new Apple TV 4K with a set of home pods as the actual output source so if you have one or multiple original log home pods you can set them as the permanent output source for audio from your apple tv.

But with arc and e-arc on the latest generation, you can have all of your sounds routed through your apple tv which means any of your other sources your cable box your blu-ray player your ps5 all can send audio through e-arc or arc to the apple tv and then over to your home pods.

It’s pretty freaking awesome so if you have a home pod lying around and you have it hooked up to your apple tv your sound system then you are going to love this new feature hdr content is getting a big boost as well on the new apple tv 4k supports high frame rate hdr content similar to how youtube is doing it but it’ll work with any source that is going to support that high frame rate hdr.

so there are lots of different options here and apple is specifically partnering with a few different networks like fox sports to bring that 4k hdr content at that higher frame rate to apple tv it’s great for sports especially because you want it to look really smooth you want to see the ball traveling through the air all of that.

so it’s fantastic to see a high frame rate hdr content coming to the apple tv and it’s being enabled thanks to that updated processor on the inside of this guy speaking of the processor on the updated apple tv apple has included the a12 bionic processor on the apple tv 4k the second generation that’s up from the a10 fusion processor on the last generation device.

so it’s going to really be the brains and the power that’s driving a lot of the new features
on the updated apple tv, uh and it also needs a lot of headroom for gaming for game developers to take advantage of you know the next several years to come as they come out with a higher resolution and just more in-depth immersive content to play through apple arcade or any of the other games on the app store.

If you use airplay to stream content to your apple tv then you’re going to be excited with this now the iPhone 12 line can capture 4k hdr content Dolby vision at up to 60 frames per second but you couldn’t play that 60 frames per second content on the last generation apple tv the new apple tv, yes you can now airplay 4k hdr content in that higher frame rate.

Does Apple TV 4K need a special HDMI cable?

so apple’s supporting the higher frame rate in applications and it is supporting it over airplay next feature to talk about updated HDMI this is super exciting guys right updated HDMI port but apple did update the HDMI port from HDMI 2.0 to 2.1 there are a few different changes here and apple still isn’t officially supporting 8k.

But the updated HDMI has a much higher bandwidth going to two going from 18 gigabits per second to 48 gigabits per second so a big upgrade in terms of how much bandwidth can be transmitted over HDMI.

so while apple right now has not said anything about 8k content at all it’s possible something could come in the future because there should be enough bandwidth here but on top of that, just that extra band is going to allow that high frame rate Hdr content.

The new Siri Remote feature

Apple TV Siri Remote streamingever
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We already talked about the Siri remote our next new feature apple really gave an overhaul to the Siri remote this time around with an all-new form factor new design new aesthetic got rid of the glass added a directional pad at the top added new buttons like a universal power on and off button that you can use to control your television as well as a mute button down here just an overall redesigned remote you can see we have the Siri button has been relocated to the side a big overhaul here to the remote it’s also thicker and wider apple says it should get lost less because it is a bigger more substantial remote overall.

So they now have the Siri button right on the side. This outer edge is also touch-controlled
so you can just kind of scroll back and forth through your content. And the buttons are very similar, but it just feels better, it’s a little bit thicker. I feel like they should have integrated AirTags into this, so you’d be able to “Find My New Apple TV 4k Remote”
Because this is something that I could never, ever find. I do honestly just end up using the remote that’s built into my iPhone.

Siri Remote (2nd Generation) gives you precise control over your new Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.
Its new touch-enabled click pad lets you click on titles, swipe through playlists, and just use a circular gesture on the outer circle to find the view you’re looking for.
Compatibility: New Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD
Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
With Siri, you can find what you want to watch with your voice.

2021 Apple TV Siri Remote (2nd Generation)

But yeah for the most part everyone’s going to love the new Siri remote my favorite is the click wheel here at the top which is very much like the old school iPods or jog wheel you can run your finger around in a circle to scrub forward and backward and any music or videos that you’re watching or listening to it’s great.

so the new Siri remote definitely a big new feature for the upgraded apple tv and by the way if you didn’t already know if you have a last generation apple tv you don’t want to buy the new one you can still buy the upgraded Siri remote on its own this is straight-up replacing that prior generation remote smart home users rejoice.

Because our next new feature is the red apple is including thread in the upgraded apple tv so what does that mean well thread is a new connectivity standard for smart homes that creates a mesh network across your home and its self-healing and it can extend.

so it can extend to further parts of your home than wi-fi or Bluetooth ever could and if one device goes down it just picks up another one and completes that mesh network so you should have great connectivity to any devices that you have around your home but part of what makes threads so great is when you have more thread devices around.

so that way there are more ways for traffic to flow through and more redundancy should anything ever go down or get you to know disconnected from power the new Apple TV 4K acts as a border router in the thread world.

so this is what connects it so you don’t have to have a home pod or anything like that to
connect a thread you can use this guy instead and just adds another node onto your thread mesh network so if you’re a home kit user you tried a few thread devices there’s a lot of one
from eve and nano leaf so far and more coming down the line like the stage remote from wemo from Belkin is getting upgraded with threat support soon.

so it’s great to start getting some new thread devices some infrastructure baked into your home so home kit users are excited thread is in the apple tv now this kind of goes along with the serial mode itself but aside from just a redesigned remote itself, there’s also better battery life.

so if you were tired of constantly charging your old apple tv Siri remote not a problem any longer because the upgraded version has longer battery life so you can go longer between charges.

finally, the last favorite new feature of the upgraded apple tv is going to be wi-fi 6. apple is going from 802.11 ac to wi-fi 6 on the upgraded set-top box which means you’re going to get way better streaming and everything should be faster and just overall better performance when you’re streaming stuff rather than connecting via gigabit ethernet.

so if you’re not hardwired in on your apple tv you should see better performance overall on your network downloading content should be quicker smoother less buffering anything like that so if you have a wi-fi 6 network in your house you’re going to see benefits if connecting wirelessly on the upgraded apple tv so that is it those are the new features of the upgraded apple tv but as always I want to know what you guys think what is your favorite new feature of the updated apple tv is the Siri remote is it thread is it something else.

But I do love the look of these newly redesigned remotes. So I look forward to testing this out
after we get our Apple TV all synced up to our TV. One feature that I’m so excited to test out
is the color calibration.
You can use your iPhone to color calibrate your Apple TV to get the best possible look.
So you’re just going to hold your iPhone up to the TV and it’s using the front-facing camera
to help calibrate to get you guys the best look using your iPhone and the new Apple TV 4K.

What comes in the Apple TV 4K box?

  • We’ve got a little USB 2 lightning cable.
  • to charge the remote. (Siri Remote)
  • a power cable.
  • and the HDMI cable is sold separately.

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