Samsung s21 ultra 5g tips and tricks

Samsung S21 Ultra 5g Tips And Tricks

If you just got the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra the galaxy s21 plus or the galaxy s21 then we have a ton of tips tricks and features to get over you’re definitely going to find something that you didn’t know in this article especially if you’re an iPhone switcher or a novice android user this
the article will help you utilize a whole bunch more of what this phone has to offer.

Samsung S21 Ultra 5g Tips And Tricks
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Samsung S21 Ultra 5g Faster Animations

How can I speed up my S21 Ultra?

Tip number one Is the first thing I do on any android device and is a favorite amongst the hardcore android community it may seem scary at first but I promise you it is not it has to do with faster animations and while there’s a stock Samsung option to speed up animations this one is definitely much faster.

s21 ultra faster animations

what you’ll end up doing is

  • Going down to the notification shade
  • Click on that little gear icon
  • scroll all the way down to about phone you’ll see the software information.
  • Click on that and then click on the build number a few times

until it says enter your pin now you’re going to enter in the pin number that you set up it’s not my pin number we have different pin numbers put in the one that you made now it’ll say developer mode has been turned on. so click back two times and then scroll down a little bit more and you’ll see developer options.

Now I would advise you not to mess around with this area too much you’re just going to go down to a section that’s called drawing so here’s drawing and then there are some options here for animation skills now just for context we’ll look at what it looks like for the animation.

so if I click the app overview screen we’ll see the animation like that now if we move it down to 0.5 which is my personal preference you’ll see that it’s much faster it’s a little bit zippier you can move to animation off if you want to.

but it loses some of that polish that makes it look smooth so I prefer to go with 0.5 this helps your already fast phone feel even faster and no it does not negatively affect your battery life now.

let’s click back and then scroll all the way up here and you’ll see an option for display and now we’ll look at this option here so you can adjust the font size in the display zoom depending on how you like your phone to work or maybe how easy something is to read you can adjust the settings here.

so for me, I like having my fonts as small as possible you can make it really big if you need to but we’ll just keep it at the default for this, and then for screen zoom, you can go all the way down if you want to which is my preference or all the way up if it is a little bit easier for you.
but we’ll go back to default just for this article.

now the Samsung galaxy s 21 series has a phenomenal screen on it and along with that phenomenal screen comes 120 hertz that allows it to refresh two times faster than a typical screen.

S 21 ultra screen refresh rate & resolution setting

How do I change screen resolution on S21?

which makes it look really smooth now the benefit of the s21 series compared to the s20 series is that you can use 120 hertz at the max resolution in the previous model you’re stuck at only 1080p so in order to check what refresh rate you’re at you’ll go to motion smoothness and it’s already at adaptive on this phone that allows it to go up to 120 hertz but the standard it locks it in at 60 hertz so it’s half the refresh rate for me.

 S 21 ultra screen refresh rate & resolution setting

I definitely noticed the difference in smoothness but for some of you it may not make a difference and one particular thing that’s really neat about 120 hertz on a Samsung phone is that it adapts it’s able to go down to 10 hertz for a static screen so it doesn’t hurt.

How do I make my S21 Ultra battery last longer?

your battery life as much now speaking of battery life if you want to increase your battery life you can just choose that 60hz standard refresh rate and then go over here to your screen resolution and make sure that you’re at 1080p instead of the full HD plus now you could go with 720 plus.

but I think you’ll notice a deterioration in the quality of the image on this display at 1080p it’s probably good enough for most people but I personally prefer WQ HD plus because it just looks really good and super smooth we’ll keep it here for now because we’re recording the screen

s21 ultra Night and Dark mode setting

Go to dark mode so we’re defaulting to light mode but you can go to dark mode and then what happens with that is on an AMOLED screen anything that is pure black the pixel is turned off and it will draw less power.

so that will increase your battery life it’s also really nice on the eyes now this one has two benefits in there and normally you have to

  • Swipe down twice in order to get to your quick setting toggles
  • You can swipe down with two fingers.
  • And then it’ll go straight to those toggles now on a big screen like this it’s really hard to reach the top.
  • of it, you kind of has to get your other finger in order to swipe down on the notification shade.
  • only on Samsung phones, you have this gesture to swipe down.

but it goes to your app drawer and if you swipe up it goes to your app drawer seems a bit redundant right well let’s make that a little bit more useful go ahead and tap and hold on to your home screen and go to settings and scroll all the way down and you’ll see this option for swipe down for notification panel click on that go home and then now you can swipe down and it goes to your notification shade.

now along with that notification shade if you swipe down one time you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a brightness slider. but if you swipe down two times the brightness slider is right here now maybe you want to have that brightness slider there from the get-go if you swipe down all the way and then you go to this dot dot dot in the top corner you can choose quick panel layout and then choose show brightness control above notifications hit done and now what will happen if you swipe down once there is the brightness slider from the get-go now this.

Notification status setting S21 Ultra 5g

How do I change notifications on S21?

The next one allows you to customize what your notification or status bar looks like for notifications what you’ll end up doing is going to your notification shade.

  • hit the gear icon
  • Go to notifications right here.
  • what you’ll do is scroll all the way down to advanced settings.
  • you’ll be able to choose what your notifications look like.
  • so you can choose between all notifications.

so you can just go all out if you want to might be a little bit cluttered you can choose the three most recent ones which is what I personally choose you can go with a number of notifications only which is a lot like an iPhone or you can choose none for that perfectly clean minimal look now if you’re the kind of person that wants to. know how your battery is doing throughout the day you can show the battery percentage just underneath that notification icon area you have show battery percentage just check that you can see what your battery life looks like.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience before you’re using your phone and then a notification comes in and then you accidentally swipe away from it and you’re like what was that that seems like that might have been important I want to find out what that was was that a text message what app was I just didn’t get a good enough look well there’s an option on Samsung phones for notification history that way you don’t miss a notification again.

so underneath that battery percentage option is a notification history go ahead and click on that and turn it on

so what I’m going to do is I’m going to send myself some text messages and we’ll wipe it away and then you’ll see it in the history so the notification came in two times I’m gonna wipe it away and then now I’ll go to the notification history so go to notifications.

Click on advanced settings and go to notification history and here I can see the different options here so I can see the different messages I’ve received from myself I can see a tweet that jack sent me I’m surprised this isn’t on every single phone everywhere now along with that is the option of having notification reminders maybe you’re working on something and you just need to snooze it for a little bit and have it come back to you.

so if you scroll down a little bit you’ll see notification reminders right here go ahead and toggle it on and then actually click on the menu itself and then you’ll be able to choose which apps you get reminders, for now, you can choose a whole bunch of different things according to what your needs are

S21 Ultra camera setting

How do I change camera quality on S21?

Now I want to show you a ton of awesome tips to unlock the power and features of the camera now when you look at the camera app you’ll see that the default setting is this three by four aspect ratio interestingly enough it’s not utilizing the full 108-megapixel option that’s over here on the left that I click on here and this will give you significantly higher resolution photos.

but keep in mind that the file sizes are much larger and this is mostly beneficial if you’re printing out your photos on something like a poster now if you ever want to have more control over the audio settings in your videos or even use your Bluetooth headphones for audio you can so what you’ll do.

  • Go to this more section.
  • then you’ll find the pro video option here.
  • you’ll see that there are some meters over here on the left.
  • then if you scroll all the way to the left you’ll see this option for different microphones.

The next thing allows you to customize what the volume keys do within the camera app

  • Click on the gear icon over here.
  • go over here to shooting methods.
  • see press volume keys too so tap on that.
  • they can either take a picture or record videos.
  • that is kind of the default you can have it control the system volume instead of the camera.
  • when you’re in the camera app or you can choose zoom in or zoom out which is really cool.
  • and then over here I have volume keys.
  • so I’ll zoom in and they can zoom in like this just with the volume key it’s pretty cool all right this.

s21 ultra Keep Apps stored in Ram

Why does my s21 ultra keep closing apps?

The next tip allows you to jump around your phone really easy between apps you just double tap on the app overview button so double-tapping it allows you to go between your last app now if you’re used to the traditional Android navigation bar and you find that the Samsung order of buttons is a little bit weird you can change that if you swipe down.

  • go to your settings.
  • just type in in the search bar navigation.
  • see the navigation bar all the way at the bottom.
  • you’ll see a navigation bar there and you can choose the button order to fit
  • what your preference is so the second one is a more traditional android option

now if you don’t want to use buttons but you want to use the new gestures you have that option as well so you scroll up a little bit and you’ll see swipe gestures and then down here you have more options so right now it defaults to three different swipe areas so it’s kind of like having three different buttons except you just interact with them by swiping now you can go to swipe from sides and bottom right here now that gives you only one little gesture
the area right there.

so it’s kind of like an iPhone and then in order to go between different apps quickly you just swipe from the bottom that’s pretty nice and it actually goes through cards you can swipe between a whole bunch of different apps instead of just one now along with gestures is the ability to go back by swiping on the edge so if you just swipe over here you can go back you can also swipe from the right and it’ll go back.

okay this next tip is really awesome because on Samsung galaxy s21 devices you can get up to 16 gigabytes of ram depending on which model you get that’s really helpful if you’re using some ram intensive apps that you don’t want to have to restart every single time you access it like a music app creative app or a camera.

so let’s open up the camera because that is a bit of a more resource-heavy app you’ll swipe up to the app view here and then click on the app icon and then you can choose to keep open now it’s locked now that prevents it from going to sleep or losing its spot when you go to another app it retains its information there in our ram.

How do you split screen on Samsung S21?

The next one allows you to utilize this really huge screen to be more productive it’s called split screen so say I am in this app right here I have youtube and maybe I want to use Twitter at the same time.

s21split screen setting
  • Click the icon here up here.
  • go open in split-screen view.
  • now choose the other app.
  • want to have over here so I have Twitter.
  • now I have both youtube up here.
  • Twitter on my screen at the same time
  • now I can adjust how much of the screen it takes up now.

if I want to rearrange things I can tap on this button here I can swap the order here and maybe I really like this orientation and I’m probably going to use it a lot if you hit the dot and the button on the right it’ll save it over here on the side so you see this little quick access panel here and shows up right here.

so let’s close this and then go over to the panel click on
and it brings it up for me right there. now if you want to get rid of this right here you just swipe all the way up from the bar and now Twitter is taking over the whole screen all right

How do I pin apps on s21 Ultra?

This one is really convenient especially if you are going to use something like a messaging app it’s called smart pop-up view and it’s a lot like Facebook chat heads all you have to do is.

  • go to your settings.
  • Click on the gear icon right there.
  • Search for a smart pop-up view.
  • then click on it and you can choose bubbles.
  • choosing smart pop-up view.
  • what will happen is say I do have Twitter open let’s open up Twitter.
  • swipe up here click on.
  • the app icon there and go to open up in pop-up view.
  • you can see it’s in this little spot here.

I can navigate it I can move it around and then if I click on the button here I can condense it so it condenses it’s in this little bubble here and if you want to close it you can remove it if you click on it you can change it right there.

Click on that button again you can go to the opacity if you want to you can click on it again and you can expand it to the full version or x out altogether. so there are two ways to
close it

now this next tip is really convenient if maybe you’re handing your phone off to someone else and they’re just asking to use a phone but you don’t want them to have the ability to snoop around for different things on your phone also really great if you have kids and you just want them to play that game or watch that youtube video first you’ll want to.

  • go to your settings.
  • hit the gear icon.
  • hit search type in the pin window.
  • then you’ll see pin windows.
  • Click on that go all the way down.
  • then enable it right there.

now swipe up and then say this article this card right here is something that you want to pin. so no one can get out of it go to the app icon and hit pin this app. now it says to unpin this app swipe up and hold it’s gonna be different depending on what kind of navigation you have. so just pay attention to the instructions right here now.

you’ll see there that if I swipe up I can’t get out I can navigate around the settings as much as I want to but I still can’t get out so the instructions were to swipe up and hold and then what will happen when I do that is I’ll go to your normal lock screen in order to get back into your phone you have to log in so I use my fingerprint and then now I can swipe up and I have unlocked my phone all the way now this.

How do I rotate my Samsung s21 screen?

If you happen to use your phone while laying on the couch or in bed normally if you have auto-rotation on it’ll rotate like this and uh sometimes you don’t actually want to do that because you’re laying down and you want to stay in place well.

  • go ahead and swipe down.
  • turn off the auto-rotation now.
  • what you can do is you can turn your phone.
  • see in the bottom right corner there’s this little icon.
  • you can tap on and it’ll manually rotate your screen.
  • then you put it back in portrait mode.
  • you see in the bottom right corner here Click on that.
  • it goes back to portrait mode now along with this big old screen

is the reality that it’s just really hard to use with one hand well there’s a one-handed mode to make it really easy for you it’s like having a tiny little phone in this big old phone.

so go over here swipe down and go to your settings and go to one-handed mode click on that and you’ll see that you need to turn on turn it on right there and then you can click on it for some information on the gestures of how to access it if you have button layouts you would double-tap the home.

but if you have gestures you just swipe down in the center of the bottom edge of the screen and it’ll go into a one-handed mode so let’s try that out and then it goes to one-handed mode and I can swap sides if I want to exit this mode I just tap outside of It and it goes back to normal now instead of really fumbling around with all these button combinations and hoping.

How do you screenshot on a Samsung s21 Ultra 5g ?

you get just right to take a screenshot you can take a screenshot just with your palm just get your palm and swipe across and then it’ll take a screenshot just like that by the way, if you have any tips or tricks that you would like to share that the great thing about android is the
ability to customize a lot of things and you can do that with your lock screen.

  • so swipe down and go to your settings.
  • then type in lock screen click on.
  • scroll down here and you have all these different options here
  • you can change the clock style too.

what you want there you can change the widgets what’s showing there you can turn on music. so they can listen to the music around you and tell you the information on that which is really cool and then uh your kind of notifications if you just want the icons or actual information for it now along with this is the ability to have an always-on display which means it’s constantly displaying some information on your screen.

whether you have access to or unlocked your phone or not so we’ll swipe up here and go to always-on display and you tap to show it can show what’s there or what kind of information it’s showing you.

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