Bitcoin ecosystem is able to make an U-turn in the global ATM installation

Bitcoin ATMs have seen an enthralling return since June 2022 saw the end of the downward spiral that had been in place for five months at first in this year

The world's ATM installations across the globe fell all through the calendar year with May having the lowest amount from more than 205 ATM installations

In June, however, we saw the installation of more than 882 ATM installations within the first 10 days.

Bitcoin as a legal currency for payment in El Salvador contributed to the growth in cryptocurrency ATM installation over the past year

Crypto ATM installations reached their peak in 2021. December seeing 1971 ATMs that were installed within one month

Data confirms that there are 38,000 ATMs in operation all over the world at moment of writing

They serve an important role in the Bitcoin and digital economy

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