Ivanka Trump disclaims dad's stance on the 2020 election as fraudulent

The daughter of Donald Trump and his adviser Ivanka Trump has told an inquiry by a congressional panel into the U.S. Capitol attack 

she doesn't believe in the false claims of the former president that his defeat in the 2020 presidential election resulted from widespread fraud in voting.

Ivanka Trump, one of her father's most trusted friends during his four years at the White House, appeared in an audio deposition

sequence of congressional testimony conducted by the House of Representatives select committee investigating the fatal attack on Jan. 6th of 2021 attack

"I admire the Attorney General (William) Barr. So I listened to what he said," Ivanka Trump told congressional investigators.

The committee presented a video that showed Barr's testimony before investigators. In the clip, Barr called his former boss's fraud allegations "bullshit"

In addition, the video shows Ivanka wife, Jared Kushner, another of the former president's most powerful advisors. In the video

the son-in-law of President Trump was quoted as "whining," referring to the top Trump officials who have threatened to resign due to the January. six attack.

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