Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves make a rare red carpet appearance holding hands.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves were close friends before becoming a couple.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves turned a red carpet appearance in to a special date night.

As they walked down the red carpet, the "Matrix Resurrection” star, 57, held hands with the 49-year old and smiled into one another's eyes.

Keanu Reeves' sister described him as her "prince.

Reeves was raised by an absent father, who spent time in prison for drug possession. Reeves lost his best friend River Phoenix in 1993, when he died from a drug overdose.

Kim Reeves, Reeves' sister was diagnosed with leukemia back in 1991. He donated millions to cancer charities and auctioned off a date with him.

His sister, who was in remission since 2010, described her brother to People as her "prince".

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