LeBron James net worth

LeBron James, NBA star, is now officially a billionaire

The 37-year old Los Angeles Lakers star has officially joined three-comma club

He is the first active NBA player to achieve billionaire status.

James just completed a $85 million, two-year deal with the Lakers

He has earned $387 million in salary over his playing career

Forbes reports that he has received $900 million more in endorsements since joining the league in 2003.

James has been involved in a variety of business ventures during his 19-year playing career.

He signed a lifelong deal with Nike in 2016, which is worth more than $1 Billion.

Forbes reports that he also owns a $300 million stake in SpringHill Production Company.

James is involved in partnerships with Blaze Pizza and Blaze Pizza. Forbes estimates that James owns a 10% share of Blaze Pizza worth $30 million.

James' net worth will not stop growing anytime soon.

This star just finished another All-Star season. The Lakers offer a $97 million extension for two years.

Five players earned a greater salary than James ($41.2million)

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