Over 800 donuts are distributed by Krispy Kreme and Salvation Army to Staten Island students

Clifton's Dreyfus Intermediate School received free treats from Krispy Kreme on Friday.

To celebrate National Donut Day, more than 70 donuts glazed were sold at the school.

`This commemorates the efforts of volunteers who made the sweet confection available to American soldiers in World War I.

A representative of The Salvation Army shows a card explaining the origins and significance of National Donut Day.

During the National Donut Day celebration, Krispy Kreme employees distributed hundreds of donuts among the Dreyfus Intermediate school students and staff.

Salvation Army continues its support for survivors and emergency personnel who are in need of comfort, such as coffee and donuts.

The Salvation Army's long-standing symbol for the comfort and services it provides is the donut," the organization stated.

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