The Advent Calendar Movie Review (2021)|A Shudder Christmas horror film worth a try

The Advent Calendar Movie Review (2021)

The Advent Calendar Movie Review, the advent calendar horror movie, The Advent Calendar Christmas Horror Movie.

The Advent Calendar Movie Review

“Shudder’s” The Advent Calendar pushes horror fans to think about how much they’d be willing to sacrifice in order to obtain the things that they’ve always wanted most.

Directed and written by Patrick Ridremont, The Advent Calendar confidently unleashes the moral story of the holiday season. The Shudder original horror movie unfolds with an expressionist flair. It eschews the traditional three-act structure instead of providing the audience with a constant stream of terrors. The film doesn’t dispense small moments of excitement to finish with the Big Bad reveal; instead, it is a joy to watch its main threat with a malicious grin and play with the entire audience.

The film’s plot is in perfect alignment with the movie’s concept If you were given the advent calendar which can provide you with a single surprise each day, regardless of the cost, would you be willing to accept it? That’s the question “The Advent Calendar‘s lead, Eva (Eugenie Derouand) asks herself when she receives the enchanting calendar on their birthdays from best friend Sophie (Honorine Magnier).

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Director: Patrick Ridremont
Writer: Patrick Ridremont
Stars: Eugénie Derouand, Honorine Magnier,Clément Olivieri

There was a time when Eva was a dancer. However, an accident that was tragically fatal made her paraplegic. In the process of reliving her accident and taking antipsychotic medications for PTSD nightmares, Eva needs a bit of laughter. Sophie informs Eva that the German calendar is a bit different and has strict guidelines to adhere to which increases Eva’s fascination. As viewers discover the guidelines of the soon-to-be murdered box in a matter of minutes and save the film from getting bogged down on details.

For some, the decision to make clear the way that the calendar functions might appear a little too obvious, however, what really makes it unique is how open the characters are. If it were another person’s, Eva and Sophie would argue or try to fool the system however, they’re instantly ready to follow the rules. So viewers can also relax and follow its wild logic in a manner that allows everything to occur.

Ich the main monster isn’t an unprobable threat. It’s real and is recognized as such, even though it is appearing frequently. SFX Designer Bas Schwarz joined forces along with makeup artists Luigi D’Andrea and Michelle Beeckman They definitely had their task cut out for them as their creations appear in the light, in water, and even in slays. Through all of it, the monster keeps its savage appearance.

Absolutely, Ridremont loves this set-up. It’s hard to not be excited and excited about what the calendar might be doing in the next few days. It’s easy to lose yourself in the uncertainty of what fate is coming to her loved ones. In just the beginning third film only, there’s the scene with a toy car that is regarded as the most creative kill scene of the year.

Despite the awe-inspiring quantity of bloodshed that is portrayed in this production, Ridremont steers away from going overboard with gore. This directing style is well-liked. In some instances, it’s ideal to stay an extra moment in the aftermath of bloody events. Although the calendar may wait for nobody there are some sacrifices that are worthy of more screen time, and not be flipped as a day-by-day planner.

Of course, it’s entirely the responsibility of Derouand to present this truth and she gives an enthralling performance that is fueled by just the right amount of self-loathing, despair, and hope that is twisted. Fans who are fervently committed to Angela Bettis’ cult classic character as May the film May should be prepared to sing her praises.

 It’s heartbreaking watching Eva plunge into a state of rage and despair. But it’s worth noting that Derouand isn’t wheelchair-bound in real life. The film would have been more effective by casting a woman disabled and using an actor to play Eva scenes in which dancing or walking was performed. As a co-star, Magnier excels as a sympathizing friend who’s indifferent to the deeper issues that Eva is experiencing.

Advent Calendar HTML0 Advent Calendar is a welcome addition to the subgenre of horror that is themed around Christmas and stands out for its uniqueness. Film by film, it’s beautiful to watch. There are many emotional scenes in the film that look like they were painted with vibrant colors and a dazzling luster. Those who are looking for a horror film with a distinctive idea will surely be enthralled by Shudder’s original. Shudder original.

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Patrick Ridremont is the writer and director of The Advent Calendar and I am excited to see what he will make the next time. This is his first feature film after his 2012 film Dead Man Talking. He also appeared in the movie and it makes sense considering that his IMDb resume is mostly credited for his acting.

As we’ve already said that the movie is French (org. title Le calendar) and is French in addition to a Belgian production. If you’re not acquainted with the genre films in either of the countries I can assure you that they’re great at making horror films.

French horror films are The Raw (2015) and more recently Meander(2021) to name only two which come to mind. Belgium has also produced the horror film Hunted (2020) as well as The Netflix show Into the Night (if we look at the first season in any case).).

Whatever you want to expect to see, you’ll be able to take in this new Christmas horror film addition to Shudder. It certainly is a screamer and keeps you on your toes.

The Advent Calendar made its debut this year in London’s Frightfest The calendar will be released in Shudder on December 2nd, 2021.

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