what the future of the video streaming industry? In 2021

future of the video streaming industry

what the future of the video streaming industry? 1n 2021

The future of the video streaming industry landscape is going to look very, very different in the next six months.

The future of the video streaming industry Everything you know will still be around, but will it still be relevant? Well, today, we’re going to go through everything we know about Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and NBC Universal’s unnamed service.

Now, frankly, we could all spend a ton of money getting every single one of these, but it’s smarter not to. So, let’s go over the new services, figure out which ones you should be excited for, and how much this will cost you.

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Now, at the end of it all, I’m going to ask you what your plan is for this new age in streaming? But, we’ll get there, let’s dive in. We’re doing an overview of all these services, but we are going to do individual reviews of all of them as they come out.

Now, let’s go in rank order. We’re going to start with what we’re least excited about up to Apple+ and Disney+. Now, NBC Universal’s is the one we know the least about. We don’t even know what it’s named yet. They haven’t given it a name.

What is the future of streaming services?

we know that it will have The Office, which is leaving Netflix at the end of 2019. That is the most-watched show on Netflix, so this could be a big deal for a lot of you, a lot of us potentially who enjoy watching The Office. Now, NBC also owns a lot of other stuff. A lot of cable channels like the USA, Bravo, E! Syfy, MSNBC, and CNBC, obviously, so we can assume, I think, that we’re going to get a lot of stuff from those other channels as well.

They also own Universal Pictures, films, lots of old and new classics to draw from there. As for when this will arrive, it’s going to come in April 2020. At least, that’s the date right now. Again, nothing has been set in stone yet from NBC Universal, but that date is what they’ve thrown out to us.

The cost on this, we do know that it will be free if you’re a cable TV subscriber who can log in using, you know, those credentials. Otherwise, you can get a streaming version if you’re willing to pay for that.

All of that will be commercially supported, but there is a word that you’ll be able to upgrade to a commercial-free version as well. Kind of similar to what we see right now from Hulu. As for what the actual cost is on this, the dollar amount we don know yet what those costs are.

If I had to guess somewhere in the realm of $5 for commercials supported stuff, and $10 for commercial-free stuff, I suppose. Now, next up is HBO Max, will be a lot to talk about as we go forward. As for what we’re going to get on here, it’s all HBO content past and future. For instance, in the future, we will have a Dune prequel series to go with the Dune movie that’s coming out in 2020.

And there’s a Gossip Girlsequel for some reason that, I guess, we’ll find out. We don’t need a smoking gun, we just need a single thread to tie the two deaths together. They will have most Warner Brothers movies and shows not all of them though, something like Harry Potter that would be a huge draw, but that is tied up at NBC Universal, who owns those streaming rights until 2025 But HBO Max does have streaming rights for BBC, for several of their shows anyway.

Dr Who, Luther, Top Gear these will be big draws for a lot of us. They also have rights toa lot of Turner channels, so TNT and TBS are going to have some of the Turner Classic movie archives. How much of that, we don’t know yet.

Now, as for the when on this, the beta launch will be late this year so late 2019 they’re going to offer a beta version of this. Who gets that and when we don’t quite know yet, but the full launch will be in the spring of 2020, much like that NBC Universal app. The cost is rumoured at $16 to $17; we’ll see if that holds.

what does that mean if you’re paying $15 a month for HBO now?

So the question here is, what does that mean if you’re paying $15 a month for HBO now? Well, we’re not sure yet, but I guess that you’ll be automatically switched over to HBO Max, your bill will go up a couple of bucks, and you’ll get hordes of new content along with your regular HBO content. And, frankly, I hope that’s what happens because wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the other 45 versions of HBO that we all have downloaded?

So, the price on this one is comparatively steep, I know, but you are getting a ton of premier content, so I’m a bit more excited about this one then I am for the NBC Universal app. Next up, Disney+, Disney+, is going to have a ton of content. All the Disney classic movies, Pixar classics, Star Wars. Eventually, we’ll get all theStar Wars movies on there. Marvel, they won’t have all of them right away, but, eventually, yes.

We’re getting 30 seasons of TheSimpsons, on and on, and on. Who’s excited about the ’90sDisney Channel original movies? I know we all are. – -It’s Team Pup ‘NSuds, you guys get paid in Kibbles ‘n Bits, right?

They’re also going to be spending a lot of money on original content. Original content for Marvel and Star Wars, and on and on. They’re even doing one of those live-action remakes, this one for Lady and the Tramp that will be a Disney+ exclusive, so they’re spending a lot of money there.

But, frankly, it kind of doesn’t matter how much they spend now because you’ve got all these other companies like Netflix that’s spending $12 billion years on original content. If you think that’s a lot try 75 years worth of Disney spending hang on, I’m doing the calculations about 4.85 bajillion dollars on content throughout that company’s life, so they’ve got a lot to draw on.

This one is going to be a monster. It’s going to come out on November 12th, and so I know we’re all eagerly awaiting that date. The cost of this is $7 a month or $70 if you purchase a full year. You can get a bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+, and that’s going to be $13 a month and, at least for now, for a limited time if you go signup as a D23 member at Disney you can get a mega discount on Disney+ before it launches in November.

Now, as for that cost, I am putting my flag in this one. I’ve done it before, and I’ll repeat it, Disney is going to be losing money here in the short term because that cost is incredibly low so in the long term watch out for it, we’re all going to signup for Disney+ and then a year or two down the road they’ll hit us with those price increases just be ready for that.

Don’t bet No. Fooled you. Lastly, we have Apple TV+, and there’s a reason I saved this one last time I’ll get there in just a second. Now, Apple has, reportedly, spent $6 billion on original content, it was supposed to be $1 billion well, that got out of control quickly. It’s still not the same as $15billion spent over at Netflix but, I think that instead of the quantity, Apple is going for quality on this.

They’re aiming for more of a prestige content approach à la HBO, something like that. So you have things like The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and that’s about a morning show, as you might have guessed. Jason Momoa is doing some post-apocalyptic show.

Octavia Spencer, Aaron Paul, Oprah they’re all doing shows, and these names don’t come cheap hence the $6 billion price tag. As for when it’s coming out, Apple has recently announced that they are launching apple TV+ on November 1st, trying to undercut Disney+by at least a couple weeks. Similarly, they’re going to undercut the price on that as well. They’ve announced that the price for that is $4.99 a month, a couple of bucks less than Disney+, they’re taking it to them.

So am I excited about Apple TV+? tentatively, frankly, everything rides on whether there are going to be enough good shows to make it worth your while. Or, maybe, if Apple can get one of those shows to become a cultural touchstone, the way Game of Thrones was So yeah, I’m interested, butI’m not necessarily excited.

But I put this one last because it is the one that’s coming out next, and it does have a lot of potentials, I would say. And, of course, we can forget about the old standbys. We’ve got Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Netflix is losing Like I’ve said they’re losing The Office to NBC Universal, they’re losing Friends to HBO Max, which is going to carry that one.

Now, Netflix is picking up some other stuff. They’ve picked off a lot of how runners from network TV. You’ve got names like Shonda Rhimes, and you’d remember that from uh, what’s that thing called? Grey’s Anatomy, yeah, I knew what it was. Ryan Murphy is a name, Kenya Barris you would know from Blackish, shows like that.

So they’re picking up a lot of great showrunners. They could be going for more prestige HBO style content as well; I guess we’ll see where that goes Hulu is still going to go strong because its biggest draw now is the Disney+ bundle that it will be a part of for $13so I don’t think that Hulu will have a hard time staying relevant.

And Prime Video, likewise, will keep chugging along just on the power of Amazon Prime. We all want to get free shipping, So with the numbers, we’ve got at this point if you crunch them all, you put them all together it would cost you $72 a month to get all of the services that I mentioned today, give or take, I mean, we’re still guessing at some of those prices, right?

So, I’ll probably stick with, say, Disney+ and Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video that would run me $36 a month. Not too bad for all of the content that I’m getting with that. I’m going to wait to hear how Apple TV+ and HBO Max do before I decide if it’s worth adding them to my monthly cost.

Frankly, I’m not holding much hope for NBC Universal but what about you, what is your plan in 2020? I want to know which of these services you’re going to sign up for, which ones do you think you’ll wait out? Let me know in the comments below.

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