What is Escape Room movie 2021 about?

Escape Room movie, a 2019 American psychological horror movie directed by Adam Robitel, and written by Bragi. Schut. The film stars Taylor Russell and Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, and Jay Ellis. It follows a group who are assigned to navigate a series of deadly escape rooms.

Escape Room Movie

The film was developed in August 2017. The title of The Maze was used at the time, and casting began. From late 2017 to January 2018, filming took place in South Africa.

Sony Pictures Entertainment released Escape Room in the United States on January 4, 2019. It grossed more than $155 million globally. Critics were mixed on Escape Room, praising the cast and atmosphere but criticizing the plot and inability to fully exploit its premise. Escape Room: The tournament of Champions was released on July 16, 2021.

DirectorAdam Robitel
Story Bragi Schut
ScreenplayBragi F. Schut
Maria Melnik
ProducerNeal H. Moritz
Ori Marmur


  • Taylor Russell
  • Logan Miller
  • Deborah Ann Woll
  • Tyler Labine
  • Nik Dodani
  • Jay Ellis
  • Yorick van Wageningen

Escape Room Movie Story

Six people with different backgrounds are given a puzzle cube. After solving the puzzle, they will be invited to participate in an escape room that offers a $10,000 prize. Participants arrive at an office block without a greeting. When Ben attempts to leave, the handle on the door falls off, revealing that they have entered the challenge. The participants escape from the second room, which is a huge heating oven and a winter cabin. 

The rooms are fatal after they find the key. Danny is thrown through the ice and drowned in an icy room. Amanda falls to her death in an upside-down billiards bar, where pieces of the floor fall into deep shafts below. Jason shocks Mike with a puzzle solved in a hospital room filled with poisonous gases. Ben then kills Jason in an optical illusions room.

Through songs, coats, and hospital beds, some rooms remind players that they were the only survivors of many disasters. Mike survived a mine cave-in; Zoey survived a crash on a plane; Danny survived the death of his family members from carbon monoxide poisoning; Amanda survived an IED blast; Jason survived a shipwreck with frigid temperatures and Ben survived a car accident in which his friends perished. Zoey realizes that the goal of the game is to find the lucky player.

 After escaping from the last room, where a wall is moving inwards to crush Ben, Ben meets the Gamemaster who controls the Puzzle Maker’s game. The Gamemaster explained that every year, they attract players with something in common, such as college athletes or savants. The result was predicted by wealthy viewers who bet on it. This year, the game is luring only survivors from previous disasters. Ben is attempting to kill the Gamemaster, but Zoey intervenes and they both kill him.

After Ben is fully recovered, Zoey and a detective return to the building. Because all evidence regarding the game has vanished, the police don’t believe Zoey. Ben was also found to be high on drugs. Zoey sees graffiti on the wall and notices that the words “No Way Out”, which are an anagram of “Wootan Yu”, suggest that the game is still ongoing. 

Six months later Zoey meets Ben again and shows him newspaper articles showing how the deaths of other players were simply everyday accidents. Zoey refuses to move on when Ben suggests it. Ben is given clues by her that lead to a Manhattan unlisted building. Ben agrees to go along with her. The Puzzle Maker, however, is already planning to make their escape a deadly game of survival.

how to watch the new escape room movie

Escape rooms are back! You must know the rules to play the game. The Escape Room: Tournament of Champions has been reorganized to include previous champions

How long is the Escape Room movie?

The movie escape Room: Tournament of Champions/Running time is 1h 40m

Does anyone die in Escape room movie?

1.Unnamed Male Soldier – Killed during the Iraq War off-screen. The body has been seen in flashbacks.
2.Eight deer – Skulls found hanging on a wall, presumably from the kill of eight of them.
3.Ben’s Four Friends – Killed in a Car Crash, seen in flashback.
4.Danny Khan – Drowned in the Ice Room after trying to use Ben’s lighter to melt a frozen cube with a key.
5.Zoey’s parents – They were killed in a plane accident off-screen. The bodies can be seen in flashbacks.
6.Unknown Person – Killed in a crash of a plane off-screen. The body has been seen in flashbacks.
7.Unnamed Pilot and Copilot – Killed in an off-screen plane crash, as seen in flashback.
8.Unnamed Male Miner — Crushed by falling stones off-screen. The body has been seen in flashbacks.
9.Nine miners – Crushed off-screen by falling rocks, seen flashback. Mike mentions that ten people were killed, so the number of those who died is minus one.
10.Mike Nolan – He died from heart failure after Jason used defibrillator pads.
11.Jason’s College Roommate: Jason is seen in flashbacks.
12.Jason Walker Skull cracked against a corner by Ben
13.GamesMaster Dr. Wootan Yi – Shot twice in the chest by Ben.

Why did Danny die in Escape Room Movie?

Danny was trapped in the hole in the ice and the current that was flowing through the water pushed him away. The other participants couldn’t save him. They were too cold to attempt a rescue. Danny drowned, while others managed to escape to the next. Without him, there is no room.

Is there a second part to Escape Room Movie?

This sequel to 2019’s Escape Room stars Taylor Russell and Logan Miller. It also features new cast members IndyaMoorel, Holland Roden, and Thomas Cocquerel. The story follows six people who attempt to escape from a new series that is more dangerous.

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