what space movie was made in 1992

what space movie was made in 1992. in this blog I’m going to give you an answer to a question that is currently popular on the internet which space movie was made in 1992 and here is the list and here is the answer for the question is from outer space so that’s the answer for the question.

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)

Gayniggers from Outer Space is a 1992 blockbuster short film directed by Danish artist Morton Lindbergh.

What Space Movie Was Made In 1992
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DirectorMorten Lindberg
Written byPer Kristensen,
Morten Lindberg
Film producerDino Raymond Hansen, Lamont Sanford
EditorPrami Larsen
CinematographyHenrik Kristensen
Release date1992
Running time28 minutes
Country Denmark
DistributedDet Danske Filminstitut
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Gayniggers from Outer Space Top 20 Cast

Coco C.P. DalbertArmInAss
Sammy SalomonCapt. B. Dick
Gbatokai DakinahSgt. Shaved Balls
Konrad FieldsMr. Schwul
Verner Mollerup ChristensenUkranian (as Verner Christensen)
Anne BusackerUkrainian
Tove KristensenUkrainian
Torben ZenthUkrainian
Maiksen ThorssonHooker
Nina N. RosenmeierHooker
Ehi Yeon KimAsian
Jesper AndersenJesper ‘Disco’ Andersen
Villy JorgensenVilly ‘The Man’ Jorgensen
Lars BjarkeBrute
Pernille Andersen
Levine Jensen
Thomas Bengtsson
Laerke Lundo
Permille Knudsen
James McIntosh

Gayniggers from Outer Space Story

The image traces the presence of women on Earth, following a group of gay black men from space to the planet. With Reagan, they proceed to expel the Daughters from Earth one by one, thanking the already oppressed male population. Before leaving Desire, they drop a new gay ambassador and inform the Earthlings of their new way of life.

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The film has been described as a “queer-interest Dutch B movie in the hyper-transgressive tradition of John Waters“, and is said to have appealed to an audience of “nerdy white boys” who liked the concept of blaxploitation. The film was used in a recruiting campaign by the Internet troll group Gay Nigger Association of America in the 2000s.

Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992) Review

What Space Movie Was Made In 1992

(Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992) Review.)

So basically I’m going to be doing a review of a film from 1992 called game Gayniggers From Outer Space this is a black exploitation film a danish black exploitation film. which is uh pretty unusual for the 90s you know usually blacksmithing is a thing of the 70s uh slash 80s however you know this danish guy just decided to make this movie um and yeah it’s a very interesting one a friend recommended this to me a few days ago and just from the title alone.

I knew that it was something I was just gonna have to check out and do a review on um so basically it’s a very short movie it’s only around 28 minutes long possibly even shorter if you don’t include the credits about these and I quote intergalactic homosexual black men from planet anus who come down from the planet anus and sort of discovering the earth and they basically want to eradicate all female creatures on planet earth, sir, there is pardon me female creatures on the planet lone platoon female creatures calm down.

How it’s done is incredibly sexist they sort of have this sort of computer on their well in their spacecraft which sort of analyzes each continent and country on earth and um sort of tells them how many women are there what the women look like and how they need to eradicate them specifically the Asian one caught me off guard.

where they refer to the women as being evil and having yellow skin um which was pretty funny in my opinion fish and women eats with crunchies have yellow skin and carbonation friendly female population one villain show those yellow girls what a real man is like yes they have some very questionable names obviously that’s just been done for comical effects and the director was obviously just completely taking the piss when he made this movie so um some of the character names of the gay Gayniggers From Outer Space include Armin we captain b dick dildo sergeant shaved balls Mr. Schwall and black gay ambassador and let’s not forget white gay ambassador.

Basically, this black guy gets turned into a white guy in order to um oversee earth and make sure that no other females populate it after they’ve exterminated them all it’s just a completely crazy movie but I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me because it definitely goes without saying one of the funniest black exploitation movies. if you can even call it that around and you know it it’s just definitely a product of the past you definitely probably wouldn’t get films like this made anywhere um these days.

Because of the black lives matter thing and everyone just has to ruin this kind of thing even though it doesn’t mean anything you know it’s not racist it’s just people having a laugh you know at the expense of others granted but you know it’s uh you know a funny movie and yeah I’m so glad that I discovered it because you know where else can you find um black men from outer space coming down to eradicate an entire um half of an entire race just because they’re female and because they don’t like females it’s funny.

Because at the beginning of the movie they discover the earth and they discover that females are living on the earth and just their expressions of disgust just it’s just something like no other way you just wouldn’t expect um the reactions that they have to the female um species as they call them, uh but yeah this is just such a great movie, uh oh it’s got a great soundtrack as well it’s just such a great film um seven out of ten would recommend sir I am afraid I have never seen a female close hands only on pictures.

Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992) Users Reviews IMDB

A Cult-Favorite With Very Strange Overtones

A group of aliens (who happen to be homosexual and appear to be of African descent) approach to earth, horrified to find it populated with not only males but also females. So they devise a plan to land on earth and liberate the men from their female overlords. Numerous sexual and racial jokes ensue.

It is rather difficult to explain this film. The plot really sums it up, but the question is exactly whether or not the film is even good. On one hand, it’s most notorious because of the name and not so much for the content of the film. So it can be dismissed as just a racist and homophobic movie. But is it racist or homophobic if it glorifies homosexuality and stars, black men? And what if some of the more clever, subtle humor and homages? The name itself is a take on “Grave Diggers From Outer Space”, the original title of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”… so there are definitely some knowledgeable film historians behind this one.

And what to make of it being foreign (Danish)? Do the intent and humor translate well? I can’t say for sure. Which makes this one even more of an enigma.

After three viewings (the film is less than thirty minutes) I am still unclear on the way to take this one, and will likely be unclear for some time. It’s funny, if only in an irreverent way. It’s quirky. And it’s certainly unique. If you can get your hands on a copy, do so. I don’t know how to explain why, but I think this is a must-see film for almost everyone.

gavin6942 3 February 2008



How can this be a masterpiece?

This film is about a group of extraterrestrial gay black men exterminating females on Earth, in order to create a gay Universe.

I watched it with the intent of seeing how bad it was. Still, I was shocked at how bad it was. It looked more like a film made 50 years ago. The acting, if any, is ultra bad. The sets and props are so ridiculously fake, making any college film look mega-budget. And the special effects are laughably simple, indeed jaw-dropping as others have commented, but jaw-droppingly embarrassing.

One has to be severely intoxicated, or in an altered state of consciousness in order to appreciate this film. If I was from Denmark, I would be severely embarrassed and humiliated that my countrymen produced such a horrifyingly bad film.

Gordon-1120 March 2008



One of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen

Gayniggers from Outer Space is pretty much summed up by its name. Running only 27 minutes long, it describes a spaceship of gay blacks that come to Earth to free the men from women. While I see a little significance to the plot, it also is really illogical. Granted, it’s meant to be a comedy/spoof on society and science fiction. I found myself laughing several times, so it succeeds there.

The special effects are horrible. When the spaceship is floating above the Earth, you can see stars zoom by for no apparent reason. The asteroids shown in the beginning look fake, the equipment on the ship is illogical, there are several misspellings in the text, the actors are unconvincing, the characters are messed up; in general, the whole thing doesn’t take itself seriously. If you get past all the aspects that make it a bad movie, it’s very accessible and easy to see through to the end. Some parts are hilarious. But overall, the only thing that you are left remembering is that it was one of the most ridiculous concepts ever.

Seeing that it’s a short film and has some funny aspects, it’s not the worst thing to see. But it’s illogical and holds little long-term value. I can’t really recommend it; if you do watch it, do so for the unique concept, not the quality.

vovazhd10 November 2007



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