What’s better Netflix Hulu or Amazon Prime? best streaming service in 2020.

What’s better Netflix Hulu or Amazon Prime? in 2020

What's better Netflix Hulu or Amazon Prime

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are the top services that currently dominates the streaming industry. Which one do you think is the best? Let’s start by comparing the pricing plans for each of the streaming services.

Amazon Prime offers just two pricing plans. Users can only choose to either pay $13 a month, or $119 for an entire year. The content available on both the pricing plans is the same and has no difference in terms of material, service, or experience.

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This right here represents all the Internet traffic in North America, that’s a lot. Every email, every Instagram post, everything else you do online that you don’t want to know about. This is all of it, and one-third of it is Netflix. That is a massive amount of data from Netflix, and it is enormous.

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what the future of the video streaming industry? in 2020

Netflix is the big elephant in the room here, it’s got 60 million subscribers just in the US, now if you break that down by population, well, it’s a different number. Let’s break it down by household that is half the households in the US.

Now in the past, we have complained about price hikes from other streaming services, especially live TV streaming services. Well, Netflix has gone and raised their prices several times in the last couple of years.

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Netflix offers three pricing plans in all the regions it operates. The actual price may vary, depending on the local currency. The cheapest program provides one screen in HD, while the priciest one offers five filters of which one gives 4k streaming quality while the other four offer HD quality.

Most recently, just a week or two ago and no one bats an eye because frankly, Netflix delivers a whole lot of value. But the truth is Netflix’s price is creeping up. Meanwhile, speaking of value Hulu still has a $6 package that you can subscribe to.

So in a world that includes both Netflix and Hulu, if you had to choose just one, which ones will be? Is one of them better than the other? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, and I understand that mine is only one opinion, but it is the most correct one, so that’s what we’re going with. Let’s dive in.

Hulu offers three pricing plans, but it varies its policies, not in terms of the number of screens but also the experience. The cheapest program provides all the Hulu content with ads. The medium-priced plan offers the same material without ads, while the most expensive plan offers over 50 live channels besides all the Hulu content.

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Considering all the pricing plans offered by each of the streaming services, it is clear that Amazon Prime is giving its users the most economical options. Nowadays, there are too many options for streaming. Some people stream on their smartphones, while others like to use smart TVs and streaming sticks.

When we talk about streaming services, it’s essential to consider the number of devices each service has support. Netflix has made dedicated apps and software for almost all the tools that people use for streaming. Many Smart TVs now come with a dedicated Netflix button on the remote, making it extremely easy to access the streaming service.

Hulu comes preinstalled on some devices which are meant to be sold in the US only, as the service is not easily accessible outside the US. Lately, the Hulu app has been seen on many android set-top TV boxes.

Amazon also comes preinstalled on a few devices such as the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. You can watch Amazon Prime Video on your computer or most smart TVs and set-top boxes by installing the Amazon Prime Video App.

Netflix wins the race here. Since it comes with native support and preinstalled apps on most streaming devices and apps for many other streaming boxes, it is, therefore, the best streaming service that has support for most devices.

Netflix offers the easiest to navigate interface and find things that match with your viewing history. Though many users feel that Netflix pushes too much original content on its platform, it isn’t easy to find other material.

When it comes to sorting content in a way that a new user can instantly find what they might be interested in watching, Hulu does a fantastic job by categorizing its titles into distinct categories like “keep watching,” “TV, Movies, Kids,” etc. You get the idea.

If you live in the US or own Pure VPN, services like Amazon Prime can give you a lot of value and fun. Amazon is offering great content such as Mr.Robot, Bosch, and The Expanse.

It is no secret that its prime reason for the popularity is its exciting content lineup. Hulu stands out because it has managed to keep a fair balance between trending third-party TV shows and its original content.

Netflix is bombarded with original content on its home page, and since new Netflix originals drop in by the month, it gets challenging to keep track of things. How a streaming platform chooses to upload fresh episodes directly impacts the ratings and views for the trending TV shows.

Hulu takes it one episode at a time. Most of its TV shows air on TV first, and then each new episode gets uploaded on the platform 24 hours after airing. Amazon Prime follows a similar strategy but with a slight change that can turn off some people.

It does upload new episodes after 24 hours of airing. Still, it charges a one-time fee for some of the fresh content every time a new season releases, Netflix uploads all the events together, giving bingers an all-night treat. There are, however, a few downsides too.

Third-party content that Netflix hosts on its platform receive the latest episodes. In most cases, events for the previous season become available on Netflix, usually when the next season begins airing.

Netflix wins this one due to 2 main reasons. One, it uploads all-new episodes instantly, without charging any additional fee. And 2, it releases all events for its original sin one go.

Binge watchers love Netflix for this stunt. As for the titles that are only available in a few regions, using Pure VPN can help you access titles that are not available in your area. Moving on to content.

This is usually the reason why people choose to pass a streaming service. An excellent streaming service is one that has got a combination of both, abundant high-quality original titles and a variety of all the trending and blockbuster TV shows and movies.

Netflix has over 16000 titles in its library. However, not all claims are available everywhere. It has a diverse catalog of TV shows and movies, both third-party and originals. Each month, Netflix releases an entire list that features dozens of new titles.

Hulu’s content library is not as big as its competitors. However, it is known for featuring the best rated and top trending TV shows and movies. It is a handpicked collection of only the best titles.

This one is always a close tie between Netflix and Hulu. Hulu leads with its choice; it hosts the best shows and movies. Netflix, on the other hand, leads with quantity. With so many options to choose from, there is something good to watch for everyone.

Get your hands on Pure VPN and make Netflix your preferred choice. With Pure VPN, you will have access to hundreds of hidden titles on Netflix that binge-worthy. From what it seems, Netflix is expanding exponentially and will soon add even better content to its library. So, for streaming, Netflix is the future.

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