where can I watch the following season 1 for free

The following was the first season of Fox American TV’s psychological thriller-horror series The Following. It premiered on January 21, 2013, and ended on April 29, 2013. There were 15 episodes in total.

The Following season 1
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The Following Season 1 Story

The series premiere features Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent who is called out from retirement to help Joe Caroll escape prison. Surprisingly, Carroll’s supporters are growing in number during the investigation.

After Joe Carroll’s escape from prison, Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent, attempts to capture him. Hardy quickly discovers that Carroll, a charismatic and talented individual, has made a circle of like-minded people (whom he met while in prison while teaching) and turned them into a cult for fanatical killers. The FBI finds out that Carroll’s son Joey is being kidnapped by his father’s followers. This is just one step in a larger plan to free Carroll, humiliate Hardy, and reunite with Claire (Natalie Zea).

Where Can I Watch The Following Season 1 For Free.

Watch The Following Season 1 For Free youtube.

Watch The Following Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

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Where Can I Watch The Following Season 1 For Free
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Watch The Following Season 1 IMDb for free

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Watch The Following Season 1 VUDU

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